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This is Smilespace

At Smilespace our mission is to put the whitest smiles on you in the safest, most effective, and pain free way possible. With years of extensive research and development put into the non-peroxide formula; we have created what we proudly believe to be a powerful formula in the world. 

Our formula combined the effects of Hydroxyapatite, PAP, and Potassium Nitrate to whiten and brighten teeth, strengthen your enamel, and protect against sensitivity.

3 Key Ingredients


Used for stronger teeth, Hydroxyapatite gives your teeth their hard and strong qualities. Not only will Hydroxyapatite give your teeth these qualities, it will also prevent demineralisation, reduce plaque, bacteria, tooth sensitivity, and rebuild worn tooth enamel. 



Unlike traditional whitening methods, which contain hydrogen peroxide, we use a non-invasive teeth whitening agent, which has a significant whitening effect without causing damage to the enamel. Traditional whitening methods containing hydrogen peroxide are invasive and can leave the teeth irreversibly damaged by cutting the enamel.  


Potassium Nitrate

Used to prevent sensitivity while whitening the teeth. The Potassium Nitrate travels through the tooth dentin and enamel to the pulp chamber. This allows the for decrease of dental pulp fibres depolarising and calms the nerves. 


Let's break it down to make things easier

Teeth whitening involves a process known as oxidisation. The oxidation process occurs when stained teeth, caused by smoking, coffee, alcohol, sugary treats, medicines etc come into contact with a whitening agent. The whitening agent in our formula is Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid; also known as PAP. Our special formula also included Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Nitrate to replace any previously lost minerals and protect the nerve from external stimuli.